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Library Card Information

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Residents of Limestone Township Library Cards

Residents of Limestone Township are entitled to a card from the Library because a part of their real estate tax goes to fund the library. Residents may obtain a card by bringing in a current state-issued photo ID along with a utility bill. All members within the household age 5 and over are able to have a card. Those family members under the age of 18 must have a parent's signature on the enrollment card. The card needs to be renewed every three years.

Non-Residents who are Property Owners In Limestone Township

People who own property in Limestone Township but do not live on that property are eligible to have a library card. Property owners need to bring in a current state-issued photo ID along with a current property bill. The card needs to be renewed on an annual basis.

Non-Resident Cards

At this time non-resident cards can be purchased by people who live in the Herscher School district and are outside of Limestone Township. This includes the towns of Herscher, Irwin, Buckingham, Union Hill, Campus, and Reddick. 

The annual cost for a non-resident card is $142 per household which allows all members age 5 and over in the home to have a card. This fee is determined by the state as an average amount paid by taxpayers in Limestone Township for Library Services.

People who live west of 7000 West/Warner Bridge Rd and North of Rt. 17 from 7000 West to the Grundy County Line are in the Fossil Ridge Library District. It is possible for these residents to go to the Fossil Ridge Public Library to obtain a library card.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Cards for Kids Non-Resident Library Cards 

Now Available at Limestone Township Library District

Children aged 5-17 who live outside of Limestone Township and within the Herscher School District (C.U.S.D.#2) may qualify for a free Cards for Kids non-resident card from the Limestone Township Library District (LTLD).  Cards for Kids Non-Resident library cards offer the same privileges, services, and resources as those for Limestone Township residents. This will allow students the ability to check out materials for school work and entertainment purposes who would not otherwise have that opportunity.

These free cards are for the child’s use only. Parents who want library privileges would need to purchase a Non-Resident Card at the fiscal year 2023-2024 cost of $142 per year for their library use. This fee can be split into two payments of $71. The non-resident fee reflects the average amount of taxes paid towards the library by residents of Limestone Township.

To sign-up for the Cards for Kids program, parents/guardians need to bring in a photo I.D. (driver’s license, state identification, or passport) and proof of residency (voter’s registration card, utility bill or real estate tax bill.) The student will need to bring their school ID or other proof of school attendance. 

We encourage households with more than one child to register for their cards together on the same day, so each account will have the same start date and expiration date. 

Now Available: Apply for a Library Card from Home!

In order to serve our community as effectively as possible, we are now accepting online library card applications from home!

How to Get Your Card:

Limestone Township Residents 

Email the following to

  • a selfie
  • a picture of your Illinois drivers license (or state ID)
  • your cell phone number
  • a recent utility bill
  • and a home email address

A staff member will email you your new library card number for immediate use; you will be able to pick up your physical library card at the library. 

Non-Residents (those living within the Herscher C.U.S.D. #2 school district, but outside Limestone and Salina* Townships) 

Limestone Township Library District will issue non-resident cards to those residing within the Herscher school district, but reside outside Limestone Township and Bonfield*. 

Email the following to

  • a selfie
  • a picture of your Illinois drivers license (or state ID)
  • your cell phone number
  • a recent utility bill
  • and a home email address

Non-Resident cardholders need to make the annual non-resident payment of $142.00 (or 2 payments of $71.00).

A staff member will email your new library card number for immediate use. You can come to the library to pick up the card during our regular hours and make the payment during our regular hours. 

*Those residing in Bonfield/Salina Township are served by the Fossil Ridge Library District (FRLD). For more information, please email them at: