Young Adult

Young Adult Activities -

Teens in 6th Grade 

through 12th Grade

Programs will be on Facebook or Discord as designated.
All visitors must wear masks while in the library.

Writer's Group
Tuesday, January, 25
6:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.
On Discord App
We plan to edit and critique each other's work, becoming better writers in the process. When you sign up, please give your e-mail address so we can share each other's work for discussion and so you can be sent the link for Discord.

Please utilize our e-resources 
listed on the right or below.

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Remember that we are a community,
we are going through this together,
and we are for you.

E-Resources for Teens

Axis 360 is a place 
to get free e-books and e-audio books. 
You do need a library card and pin number 
in order to create an account.

World Book Encyclopedia

Find the information you need for school projects!