Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
at Limestone Township Library District

Registration for programs is required prior to the day of the event.

Semi-Annual Book Sale
Stop in at the Library for our Semi-Annual Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the Library. We are now selling books at a $1 per bag The sale runs through Thursday, June 29th

University of Ill Extension Office- Engineer for a Day
Tuesday, June 27
2:00 P.M. -3:00 P.M.
3rd – 5th Grades
Presented by the University of Illinois Extension office, kids in 3rd-5th grades will take on the challenges an engineer faces. The kids will brainstorm how to solve it, design, build it, and test out their idea. Kids will learn how to solve real world problems using supplies they can find at home. This week’s challenge is Rockets and Space. This week’s challenge is Marble mazes and Roller coasters.

Author Visit – Drew Carriker
Tuesday, June 27th
6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Limestone resident Drew Carriker will read and discuss his new book, Randolph the Blue Nosed Reindeer.

Rubberband Art
Wednesday, June 28th
1:00 P.M.
6th Grade and Up
Discover what you can create with something as simple as a rubberband.

Tiny Explorers at Night
Thursday, June 29th
6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Playing at a number of stations, children will learn fine motor skills with the help of manipulatives. Activities are meant for children from ages 6 months to 5 years old.

Movie Day – A Dog’s Purpose
Friday, June 30th
1:00 P.M.
All Ages
School is out! Come to the Library and watch a movie with your friends. Popcorn and Lemonade will be served

Fireworks Art
Monday July 3rd
1:00 P.M.
K-2nd Grade
Younger children will create their own designs inspired by fireworks. All supplies are provided there is no fee for this program.

Monarch Book Club
Monday, July 3rd
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
1st- 3rd Grade

Kids in 1st -3rd Grade have their own book club. We will read the book of the month at our gathering time and have a crafting session. 

Punk Art
Wednesday, July 5th
1:00 P.M.
6th Grade and Up

Make something new and different featuring faux metal techniques. All supplies are provided; There is no fee for this program.

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